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Danny Allan


Danny Allan

We are delighted to have Danny on board with us as our new Patron!

Hi I'm Danny Michael Allen!

I'm from East London born and raised.

I have dyslexia and learning difficulties in writing.

At the age of 12 I was assigned to a child psychologist for lack of attention at school and behaviour issues, as I was distracted in my own world and was just labelled as hyperactive and a child who didn't want to learn .

In 2015 I broke my femur bone which was life changing physically and mentally. It took 4 long years of physical hard work before I could walk with no aids, and start to get some of my life back. The long lasting effects still effects me mentally and physically on occasions .

I'm a DJ/producer and a soundman, I love to experiment with types of music and sounds; as I found music the key to are soul .

Im a huge massive wrestling fan and a big supporter of British pro wrestling & American wrestling. I live for the sport! There is no greater escape than from watching the larger than life characters that are wrestlers, and the lights camera's and action.

But more than anything its the fans.
I have made so many friends over the years that have welcomed me, and me feel at home and ease at all the shows I attend across the UK .

I also enjoy cosplaying and dressing up as certain characters. I'm very committed to any character I play, and find it a nice escape from my self by playing other people.

I am so honoured and overwhelmed to be asked to be a Patron for A.I.M.

Seeing first hand & experiencing the amazing work my long time friend Emma Dalmayne and the Patrons and Director's of A.I.M do for families with autistic children, and autistic individuals with activities at the centre; plus day trips out so socialise.

A true family organisation.

I've meet so many amazing people over the last few years through aim and made new friends.

I've had the pleasure to attend the centre on a few occasions and get involved and I can't tell you how amazing the people and place is!

Along with attending BKB with the group,
I also had the amazing privilege given to me by A.I.M to do a fireworks display for the children and families of A.I.M for their late great Patron Dave Courtney.

Seeing the happiness and smiles it brought to people was just priceless!

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