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Paul Hilz


Paul 'The Soulsnatcher' Hilz

We are delighted to welcome Paul 'The Soulsnatcher' Hilz as one of our Patrons!

Paul is a proud dad of 4, he works in chauffeuring, security, landscape gardening, works at a mobile tyre company, is a boxing trainer AND is a professional bare knuckle fighter. He holds the world record for the fastest bare knuckle knock down @ 2.3 seconds!

Paul has been boxing for 15 years and started at age 28. He fought for, and won getting his professional boxing licence at the age of 34!!As an unlicensed boxer he had had 18 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw with 6 knockout wins .

As a pro gloved boxer he had 3 wins, 3 losses with 2 knockout wins ,

As a pro bareknuckle boxer for BKB he had 7 wins, all 7 being knockout wins and 5 losses.

Under BYB he has had 2 losses due to the fights being stopped on cuts.

Paul believes that acceptance gets you through life, being accepting of people and not being judgemental of them.

Paul knows all to well how discrimination and ableism can affect people, he himself is classed as disabled with the spinal condition he has which includes Scoliosis.

He believes that to go forward in life you have to be selfish to a certain degree. You have to believe in yourself, fight for your rights and be the best role model you can be to your children and loved ones.

Paul agreed to come on as a Patron as he has Autistic and ADHD family members, he has seen the ostracisation, prejudice, lack of inclusion and how cut off those family members and their parents can feel. He believes in what we do and what we represent, getting families with autistic members out into the community with holistic support.

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