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William Vanderpuye


William Vanderpuye

William Vanderpuye has been a director for AIM since June 2020. He is a dedicated social worker specialising in the learning disabilities team, bringing a unique perspective as an autistic individual and sharing his experiences and expertise with his team. Previously, William taught before pursuing further education, obtaining masters' degrees in both early childhood studies and social work.

Married and a proud father of three daughters, William's linguistic abilities extend beyond his professional endeavours; he speaks fluent French, adding depth to his cultural interactions.

Beyond his professional and family life, William is a multifaceted individual with a passion for music, literature, particularly French comics, and a fascination with animals, having once kept tarantulas.

His journey reflects a commitment to education, advocacy, and personal growth, making a positive impact within his community. William is passionate about social justice and the eradication of stigmas around autism, disability and mental health, particularly in the Black and African communities.

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