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Abuse that Anna Kennedy Could Have Stopped but Chose to Ignore it Instead

Anna Kennedy, whilst you received Tesco mum of the year and an OBE, my son was being abused while under your care.

For several years from 2012 he was within the care of the place you were the main director.

He suffered physical

abuse, mental abuse and emotional damage, worst of all sexual abuse for over a year.on a weekly basis

He was groped in his privates, offered money for sexual favours, dry humped from behind and often watched getting undressed.

He was locked in a cupboard on a weekly basis especially when he complained about the abuse.

He was restrained by up to three grown men and felt a knee in his back which happened regularly.

He had his front tooth snapped in half due

to P.E. taking place in socks and not proper footwear.

One of the victims were expelled while the abuser was left to abuse others.

You keep saying that you don’t know us despite Dominic being the first student at Baston House School.

There is a photo of him in school uniform and his

statement of SEN dated 2010.

I contacted Anna Kennedy about the abuse in January 2013 but all I got was my calls and contacts being blocked.

Anna, you resigned as director in May of 2013 less than 1 month after these abuses were reported to child protection.

Dominic has received no apology, no councelling, this is a scandal that she is trying to bury and the public deserve`to know about as there are many children coming forward.

As I told you before this wont go away away.

In fact its just going going to get worse.’

See what happened when Mark confronted Anna Kennedy OBE here:

‘The only complaint we’ve got so far about walking into the talk Anna Kennedy was doing with The Autism Apprentice CIC is that the parents couldn’t hear what Mark Page was saying so next time we should use a mic.

Anna /Apprentice staff’s response was absolutely disgusting. Mark is Autistic as are Emma Dalmayne and the two other AIM Director’s that attended. They were pushed, pulled, Mark was grabbed at (see woman in red on video)…. sickening.

This was the lengths Mark as driven to, to get a face to face meeting with Anna. He told her face to face ten years ago his son Dominic was being abused in her then school Baston House School. She ignored him and other parents who’s kids had also been abused and blocked them on her phone and on social media.


Thank you to the parent who messaged who was present in Sheppy Hall.

Poated on Friday:

‘After releasing the video Emma Dalmayne made in April 2023 with parent Mark Page we watched it go viral with 39.5k views on Twitter:

Please share this, a parent has come forward to speak put about the abuse his son suffered at Anna Kennedy's Baston House School. His son who is now an adult wants justice for the abuse he suffered, and we want to get it for him. We have other parents as well. + — Emma Dalmayne/ Big Em/Neurodiversity Queen Bee (@EDalmayne) April 15, 2023

more and more parents stepped forward, the abuse continues to this day in Baston House.

Today Mark Page, Emma Dalmayne and two of AIM Director’s went to see Anna Kennedy speak at an event by Autism Apprentice. They took paperwork from Baston House that detailed some of the abuse that Mark’s son had suffered, a letter from Baston clearly showing at the top that Anna Kennedy was Director there at the time and a photo of Dominic in his Baston House t-shirt.

Dominic was the first child to enrol at Baston yet Anna claims to never have met him or Mark.

Watch how they attempt to immediately shut them down, Emma barely had got her name out when people began rushing over.

They were pushed and threatened with the police.

An extreme reaction to a father simply wanting to expose what happened to his autistic son and what was ignored. Mark says he begged for help from Anna and was blocked.

Anna states in the video that she can’t remember.

Mark’s son remembers every single day.

Dominic was repeatedly sexually abused by a pupil and was beaten up and restrained by staff, including prone restraint.

Video of confrontation here:


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