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AIM and Twinkl Partnership

We are delighted to announce we are partnering with Twinkl Resources!

We have agreed a consultancy based approach; supporting the Inclusion team to audit their existing Autism specific resources and to offer advice on new resources going forward.

We have had sight of Twinkl’s internal Autism specific guidance which has been disseminated across the whole company, nationally and internationally, whereby the likes of ABA and reward based practice is now advised against, as are functioning labels and person first language.

As you can imagine with over 500,000 educational resources, this will take some time to ensure outdated resources are amended and updated, so please bear with us whilst we work our way through this together.

Whenever you see an AIM logo on a resource, you can be assured that it is a ‘safe’ resource and has recently been updated to adhere to the Autism Specific Guidance.

Thank you to Twinkl for listening to the autistic community!


‘At Twinkl we aim to be genuinely inclusive, and to listen to the first hand experiences of people who are Autistic. With this in mind, we are partnering with an organisation called ‘Autistic Inclusive Meets’ (AIM) to audit our resources and ensure that we use strategies, language and terminology which are acceptable to the Autistic community.’



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