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AIM Protest Open Minds Conference

We are peacefully protesting Clive de Carle’s appearance at the Open Mind Conference taking place at Dooleys Hotel, 30 Merchants Quay, Waterford, Ireland from 12.00pm–4.30pm.

Our Facebook event can be found here:

Clive has twice been in the media after he offered our CEO Emma Dalmayne MMS chlorine dioxide bleach which is banned in Ireland.

Clive also suggested she use GcMAF which is a blood product banned in the UK, and it’s stronger counterpart, Rerum.

Clive advised these dangerous banned substances be used in an enema on a six year old autistic child. He was subsequently exposed here:

Clive openly promotes MMS with Kerri Rivera:

We have contacted Dooleys and expressed our concern and the conference is going ahead.

Here is a break down of the speakers at the conference, a mix of anti-vaxxers, ‘practitioners’ with no medical qualifications and Homeopaths:

We cannot stand by and allow this man who promotes dangeous ‘cures’ for autism, speak without an autistic presence there to show our side.

After all, Open Minds right?

See you there.


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