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AIM’s Visit to BKB

On the 22nd of January we were invited up to the o2 Indigo to meet our sponsors BKB, along with some of our attendees and their parents/ carers. We also got to meet their boxers that would be fighting that night, and got to watch them weigh in. They were all so friendly, happily chatting to our attendees and posing for photos.

The pictures here are by AIM attndee Millie Payne, age 17.

We were invited back up that evening with complimentary tickets, so we were also shown where are our seats would be. This helped to alleviate any anxiety the attendees may have had, and they had a great time looking at the view and trying the comfy seats out. That evening we all gathered excitedly and found where we would be sitting. We were given ones at the top with a great view within easy reach of the bar, toilets and exits. What followed was a brilliant fighting exhibition which held us all enthralled, the boxers were amazing!

We would like to thank BKB for an incredible night, we found everyone to be inclusive, helpful and would like to thank them for their continued support.

Quotes from parents who attended:

“Great night out ,Millie enjoyed being at the weigh in to meet the boxers who were absolutely brilliant and gave their time to have photos with the kids,. She also gets a lot out of the boxing at group as helps with her coordination, low muscle tone,confidence and speech. It’s thanks to #BKB that the sessions can continue and many more teens can benefit in an inclusive and safe space.” Jenny Payne.

” I was unsure if I wanted to see bareknuckle fighting or even know how I felt about it. So that is why I decided to go and find out for myself. What I saw was that each fight was very quick and that each boxer was looked after very well by the supporting staff. There were injuries yes, blood was spilled yes. However that’s the point , there has to be a winner. But in each round the fighter’s wellbeing was a main priority throughout . Every fight was stopped to assess evident injuries or complaints from the boxer’s themselves. After every fight the boxer’s would embrace, shake hands, have some quick words about what they had just both experienced. There was alot of respect between and for them. No injuries were ignored. They were dealt with immediately by the paramedics in attendance . I sat beside two of my friend’s children who watched the fighting & saw some of the boxer’s children go on stage to support their dad receiving awards and accolades. I asked them what they thought if it. They said it was okay, that it was interesting in parts but got a bit boring sometimes . They didn’t seem at all disturbed or upset by any if it. They enjoyed meeting the boxer’s whom they met after the fight, who were very friendly and relaxed. I enjoyed the experience. Thanks for inviting me.” Lucia C.

“My 4 liked the weighings and I loved the way the fighters all had time for them and wasn’t put out taking pics. One of my sons did not want to attend the fight due to the noise and to many people. The other two liked it and said they would love to go again, but they was so tired as we were up early and none stop running around all day ….. thank you.” Tasja .

“My brother really enjoyed being part of the group & the overall experience. He showed interest in the sport despite not being familiar with it at all. He was very excited to be with everyone but was worn out by the end.” Elizabeth.

“Me and George really enjoyed joining you all last night. The atmosphere was brilliant. George loves boxing anyway, so to see BKB live was a great experience, they also played some great music as well, which me and George loved as we love our music. Thanks again for inviting us xxx”. Michelle

“I have never been to an event like that before. i was impressed by how professional it was. I had a great night. thank you very much for the opportunity” Emma D’Arcy


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