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AIM helps to support a family that are being made homesless.

Updated: May 6

Yesterday myself and my daughter Kodie met up at 9.30am and went to meet one of our AIM mums, as she was being made homeless with a non speaking and very hyperactive 3 and a 1/2 year old and a baby under the age of 1.

We ended up going down to the Woolwich Centre with her possessions, as we were getting no where on the phone with her case worker and stayed there with her until almost 6pm.

Peckham Park and Jenny Payne along with her daughter joined us down there.

It was a long hard and emotionally distressing day for her and the two kids. The centre were not particularly helpful, there was a large room empty at the back that we could have sat in to keep some sense of order but no; they wouldn't have it.

By 6pm she was successfully placed in temporary accomodation, though its some way away, its doable for her to commute in for the Monday and Thursday groups.

Myself and Owen then went to the Tap Sidcup and picked up the collection pot (thank you Jane Devito), there was £110 in it which is amazing!

We then made our way back and I went to get some food, and by chance met a lovely mum who was unaware (though had suspected) that her little son is autistic. I went over to speak to her, got home and sent her loads of information which she was very thankful for, and she will be coming to the Monday group.

The reason I've posted this post, and the photos (with mums approval of course), is that many of you dont know the extent of what we do. We rely on donations, are all autistic volunteers ourselves and I promise you this, you wont find any big charities like the National Autistic Society or Ambitious About Autism giving even a quarter of as much personal input as we do.

Today I've spoken to two parents, and have three more to call back to offer our support to.

My advice is, donate and support orgs and charities you SEE doing something, don't just send your money to orgs and charities that you aren't sure of.

We do talks so please do ask your school or workplace to call us if they would like some staff training or parent talks. It's a great way for us to raise funds.

Have a good day, Emma.


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