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AIM Threatened For Fighting Abuse

AIM above all has always been transparent, it’s something we pride ourselves on, so anything we receive into our inbox thats sent via our website into our emails thats accessed by seven AIM Directors should be transparent as well.


We began some months ago exposing the abuse that has occured in a educational facility named Baston House School in Bromley, London UK.

Baston House was opened by Anna Kennedy OBE in 2010, Anna was involved with the company running the school until 2019.

Two cases of abuse of pupils in the school were settled out of court, one was a boy who was restrained with use of a spit hood:

The other was for the physical damage another boy in the school suffered after trying to escape from a locked room:

CEO of AIM UK Emma Dalmayne was made aware of the volume of abuse that happened at the school by a parent named Mark Page, Mark went to meet the AIM Directors and ended up making a video with Emma Dalmayne.

The reaction to that video was phenomenal and 43k views later it has proven to be very effective in bringing many other parents forward who’s children, teens and young adults were abused in Baston.

Parents who reached out to Anna to ask for help were blocked and ignored.

Two of the young people who were abused stepped forward themselves after seeing the video of tik tok.

This abuse has had a a lasting mental impact on these familes as a whole.

The abuse we have been told about includes sexual abuse, repeated restraints on pupils many of whom were simply doing something as harmless as stimming vocally by up to four adult men, assaults leaving bruises and threats of restraint for being uncooperative.

All of the familes made complaints to the school. Many made complaints to the police, Ofstead and social services.

Emma made several more posts on social media and videos relating to the abuse.

We received an email sent via our website from a solictors firm representing Anna Kennedy OBE warning Emma to take down all videos and posts mentioning Anna Kennedy OBE.

We believe that email should be seen, as Anna seems more bothered by her reputation being tarnished than she is about the abuse that multiple pupils suffered in Baston House.

Update: Being Threatened and Objectified

Anna Kennedy’s lawyer does not like that Emma Dalmayne demands proper treatment of these children. They talk about her like she is a dog and objectifies her. Take a look:



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