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Autistic Pride Picnic

Our Autistic Pride Picnic was held on Sunday April 14th, the day after our Craft Fair, in the grounds of nearby Charlton House. A rich tapestry of speakers, singers and poets proclaimed loudly that they were proud of being autistic.

They spoke of the gross mistreatment autistic people here in the UK and worldwide endure daily, of the cure rhetoric and ableist propaganda we are subjected to

They also showed the breadth and depth of autistic creative talent.

We would again like to thank everybody who attended, we appreciate you and the efforts you made, the distance you travelled and the time you put in.

We will definitely be doing another next year.

These were the speakers on the day:

  1. Emma Dalmayne – Welcome

  2. Alexandra Forshaw – Art and Autistic Creativity

  3. Julian Morgan – Autistic Advocacy and The Inclusion of The Autistic Voice

  4. Joseph Redford – Uplifting Ourselves: The Origins and Future of Autistic Pride

  5. The Autistic Advocate – The Ripple Effect of Acceptance

  6. Callum Brazzo – Poetry

  7. Leo George – Poetry

  8. Lucy Stokes – Neurodivergent Labour and the Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto

  9. Janine Booth – Rights at Work and Poetry

  10. Agony Autie – Stimming and Self Regulation

  11. Róisín Johnston – Musician and Singer



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