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CAMHS Don’t Care If Autistic Kids Die

CAMHS Don’t Care If Autistic Kid’s Die.

Join us opposite 10 Downing St from 1-3.30pm and make your feelings known about the travesty that is Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services!

Emma Dalmayne started a petition against CAMHS after they turned her autistic 15 year old son away and refused him treatment despite the fact his mental health was suffering …. and used his ASD diagnosis as the reason.

The petition has now reached over 200,000 and the comments on it are heartbreaking.

This is not an issue that’s unique to Emma’s son. Thousands of autistic kids and teens have been let down and left to self injure with no care of their wellbeing from CAMHS.

This is a widespread problem with kid’s dying due to being refused care.

CAMHS are going against their own eligibility criteria.

There is a BBC interview here with Damien, Emma and Tom Madders Director of Campaigns and Communications at mental health organisationYoung Minds:

Emma, Damien and three of Autistic Inclusive Meets Director’s Jenny Payne, Tara O’Sullivan and William Vanderpuije will be delivering the petition to number 10 at 3pm.

So please bring your placards and signs, lets unite and show that enough is enough because honestly at this point it’s eugenics.

This is a static peaceful protest so no marching.

We must be sure not to obstruct the public from passing by.

We can use a loud speaker and chant and make speeches.

Laws around protesting have recently changed, please see latest updates here:

How does the new Policing Act affect my protest rights?

See you there!


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