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Charles Salvador

After watching the recent appeaĺ by Charles Salvador formerly known as Charles Bronson, I reached out to him. Charles is plainly Neurodivergent. He has diagnosed Anti Social Personality Disorder and PTSD and has received no rehabilitation or support over the 50 years he has served, 30 of those in solitary.

No one should be treated like that.

After writing back and forth showing him what we do here at Autistic Inclusive Meets with the help from our lovely Patron Dave Courtney OBE Official Charles decided to send us this incredible piece of art he did especially for us to auction to raise money for what we do. I honestly have fallen in love with this piece, it shows his remarkable talent, it’s moving, its expressive and it’s simultaneously heartbreaking.

The more you look the more you see, we have all spent hours pouring over it.

The auction will be held by our Patron Dave, bidding will start at £750 , the drawing is on size A3 paper. By Emma Dalmayne

Some info on Charles for those who do not know him:

We are


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