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Families Failed By Mental Health Services Protest in Essex

AIM ‘s Emma Dalmayne and William Vanderpuije supported the Families Failed by Mental Health Services in Essex in a protest outside the Westminster Central Hall at the end of June.

They were joined by AIM parents Sarah Brooks and Lisa Melo.

These families have all lost a family member to the appalling lack of support in Essex for those with mental health issues. Many of the tragically failed were autistic.

We once again met Melanie Lehay, Julia Cairo, the Bankwala’s and so many other parents and relatives who are demanding a statutory public enquiry into mental health services.

There was another protest against electric shock therapy right next to ours so some pics are included.

We stand by the families and will be out supporting them again.

Some pics by Peckham Park and others.

Please sign the petition here:


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