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Fierce Autistics and Allies are now ASAN affiliates!

It’s official! Our organization is affiliated now with The Autistic Self Advocacy Network! We are continually proud of their efforts and value their organization work. We will continue to share their work as much as other affiliates and other nonprofit business’ work. We will continue to speak out against and combat systemic oppression and work on goals in our mission and values.{Image Description:Purple stimmy background on the left and on the right is a tan colored background with gold text and designs. Text reads: “We are announcing a new affiliate: The Autistic Self Advocacy Network!” Below this are the two logos of the organizations with an & sign in the middle. Below that is more text that reads: Thank you for your continued hard work!”}We are adding their information to our site, and updating the site today with more information about ASAN!Edit: Site updated! You may check out more of our affiliates, here:


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