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Give William a Chance to Live

Thank you to those who attended Tuesday’s protest for William, all we can do now is hope the court makes the right decision.

Yesterday Ami Mclennan William’s mother gives evidence as to why the medical professionals and the court should allow William to have a kidney transplant.

You read that right.

It’s the year 2022 and this mum is having to beg a court of law to allow her autistic son a chance to have a life saving operation.

The verdict is reached Tuesday 8th of March.

We will update.

William is a 17 year old Autistic, ADHD Learning Disabled man who desperately needs your support.

William has a rare kidney condition called focal segmental glomerulosclerosis which has caused his kidneys to fail and function at 5%.

He undergoes dialysis four times a week at Manchester Children’s Hospital, his family have been told his only hope of living longer than twelve more months is a kidney transplant.

Bosses at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust have stated that William is not a suitable candidate for a transplant as he will pull out the tubes and lines needed.

His mother Ami has stated that William has never pulled out lines or tubes, and will tolerate the operation and following treatments as long as he is given the correct level of support.

They are not willing to provide this support.

It is unconscionable and discriminatory to deny William this chance due to his support needs.

On this coming Monday at Liverpool Civil and Family Court, a four day trial begins to determine whether or not William will be given a chance to assess a life saving transplant or not.

We at Autistic Inclusive Meets stand by William and his family and are travelling to Liverpool on Tuesday the 1st of March to protest with Ami outside the Liverpool Civil and Family Court from 10am.

“I am devastated and fearful and so very grateful for the Autistic community to support us, but it’s still about the life of my son and until this is over I hopefully win the case I’m never going to be myself,” states Ami.

We ask that you join us and show your support for this young man who in his own words has stated that he just wants to live.

William loves his school, playing pool and golf and going for walks.

William MUST be given this chance.

To rule otherwise is taking away his only opportunity to live a fulfilling healthy life, for the simple reason that he is Autistic and they are refusing to acknowledge that his life counts as much as anyone else’s.

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A late update on William, they won! Brilliant news!

Pics of AIM protest below


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