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Greenwich Council Are Placing Autistic Children In Dangerous Accomdations.

Greenwich Council are placing families with vulnerable Autistic and ADHD children in accomodations that are potentially hazardous to their health.

Homeless families with children who have no awareness of danger, that are at risk of running into busy roads or climbing out of windows are being placed in hotels as temporary housing accomdations, one example being the Travelodge in Gravesend.

The locks in Travelodges are simple easy to open locks, you simply turn them and they open. The parents are having to put their lives at risk by barricading the doors with whatever they can, to stop their children from getting out. They are having to block their only exit if there is a fire.

One mum we are supporting had the terrifying experience of her three and a half year old going missing for an hour! He slipped out of the room while she was changing his younger brothers nappy. He was found safe, but so easily could of been badly hurt. The Gravesend Travelodge is next to the A2 motorway.

I am part of an Autistic led organisation based in Woolwich SE London. We are seeing and supporting many vulnerable families with children who are being placed out of borough far away from their support networks, their extended families, the childrens Paediatricians and their therapists.

We are asking that families living in the Greenwich Borough with Autistic and ADHD children be kept in the borough, and that they be placed in temporary flats and houses, so that the families can keep them safe and at less risk of harm.

Please sign and share, before there's news reports of a fatality involving a Greenwich Autistic/ADHD child.


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