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“‘I might not be here without them’: Photos help fight the stigma of antidepressants ” a

Mental health advocates are urging people to share pictures of their medication to show others there’s no shame in getting the help they need. Emma Dalmayne was inspired to launch the #ShowUsYourMeds campaign to make people realise they’re not alone but also to dispel a number of myths and misconceptions about antidepressants. The CEO of the Autistic Inclusive Meets support group is sharing people’s pictures and stories on the support group’s Facebook page as well as its website and hopes to get more mental health charities and campaigners on board. About 11 years ago, Emma fell into a deep spiral of depression which left her family feeling powerless as she struggled to function. Despite many people’s scepticism about their benefits, she isn’t sure where she’d be today if she was never prescribed medication.


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