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Inside Out 2 Review



We went to see Inside Out 2 this evening, and I must say; it's incredible. I cried. Without giving to much away, Riley starts puberty and gains 4 new emotions; boredom, anxiety, envy and embarrassment.

The new emotions cause so many changes within Riley, she begins to withold her emotions when anxiety takes over.

An excellent depiction of an anxiety attack is shown.

You must see it, you wont be disappointed

A quote from my 16 year old son Damien:

"It's timeless. I could be 35 and not be bored of it, some bits were a bit cringe but I expected that as it is aimed at younger kids than me.

Anxiety took over Rileys life in 4 days, imagine how I feel after 4 years.

If only more film companies made films like this, it would help so many people.

Agreed in the end, the older you get the less happy you are going to be, but i didn't know it was going to be this bad."

The audience in the cinema were predominantly adult which was lovely to see.

So.see it, enjoy it.

Oh and sign this petition while you're here:

by Emma Dalmayne


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