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Its Not OK to Not Be OK!

New online campaign, ‘It’s Not Ok To Not Be Ok!

The saying goes ‘it’s ok to not be ok’, but why?

Why is it ok to not be ok?

We know the intention is to de stigmatise mental health issues, but it also normalises them and in turn, unintentionally trivialises them.

To be depressed/ self injurious/ anxious is trauma inducing. It’s not pleasant, it can be painful.

Trauma and pain are not ok.

We will be posting on facebook, doing tik toks, tweets and using instagram to promote #ItsNotOkToNotBeOk so please do use the hashtag and tag us.

We need to highlight the failures in the care of neurodivergent people with mental health issues and encourage communication through whatever means they find it easiest to use.

There are many ways to contact us be it text, a call to us, email, WhatsApp, Instagram and email.

We will do our best to support you or your loved ones and can signpost you to helpful organisations and charities.

It’s not ok to not be ok, let’s stop pretending it is.

The campaign will go on longer than the 10 days listed on this event.

We will not accept suggestions of quackery so please do not suggest them.

We also cannot allow you to post suggestions of medications to be used.

Thank you and remember,

From the Autistic Inclusive Meets Director’s.

Event link here:

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