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June Visit to BKB

Brilliant visit to see our sponsors BKB on the 11th of June. We took seven AIM families and all had a wonderful time, they got to meet the legend Frank Bruno and our Patron Dave Courtney. Thank you to BKB once again for an amazing night!

It really was a fantastic experience for all the kids and us adults to ! The energy levels were brilliant, perfect for our little humans who are ADHD … Mine said it was the best night of his whole life so thank you 😊 we will definitely attend again x Tila Simone

Blog by Tara McLaren:

Tonight Saturday 11th June 2022 the McLaren family had been kindly invited to BKB by the wonderful group AIM.

I did not really know what to expect from a BKB event as I have never watched this sport live before.

We were all excited and a little anxious over experiencing something new, you know how new things can create those most annoying questions/ thoughts in your head ‘I wonder what it looks like inside’ ‘Where will I be sitting’ ‘where will the toilets be’ and many others as those of you who experience anxiety over going somewhere new will understand.

My daughter has been going through a tough time of late and I haven’t seen her smile for a while, tonight her smile was as bright as anything, as a parent I would do anything within reason to continue seeing her smile.

This sport was a great experience for her and us as a family, she learnt the importance of discipline and respect as although they competed against one another all competitors showed great respect for one another, no rage present during each round.

Every round was professional and showed what a great sport this is.

The matches began and we were all in awe at how professional it all was, how the safety of those partaking in the sport was paramount.

This was reflected through the referee setting clear boundaries to participants when in the ring and through him ensuring no foul play throughout the boxing match.

The ring had ample qualified professional first aiders and the boxers had their own teams with first aiders.

AIM offers a great deal of support to many struggling families within the community, connecting children and parents through the many activities they have available to families.

Any events offered to AIM attendees parents always come along to accompany their children, to have an evening or day out which can prove difficult to manage for many families of neurodivergent individuals given how judgemental people can be in this world, having a group of similar individuals whom are understanding, accepting, compassionate and empathic creates a safe space for us all to be where we feel comfortable to be ourselves without that fear or judgment.

BKB offers a great deal of support through complimentary tickets providing families with a night to remember, courteous staff on hand to answer any questions we may have, nothing short of inclusive.

I got to meet one of AIMS patrons last night Dave Courtney and many humans seem to judge him based on negative press, everyone has a past with plenty of mistakes made along the way it’s what makes us human.

What you dislike about others is a reflection of yourself a part of your own self that you are struggling to accept, think before you judge.

I personally have got to say what a gentleman he was.

Thank you BKB and AIM for everything you do to ensure families can enjoy time together, can make memories and watch some sport, just like any sport injuries are expected yet valuable lessons are learnt!


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