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London Pride 2024 with AIM for the Rainbow, march with us!

London Pride 2024 with AIM for the Rainbow!

Autistic Inclusive Meets are excited to announce that we will have a walking presence in the London Pride parade on Saturday 29 June 2024! Pride in London:

The Pride parade is a slow two mile walk from Park Lane.

To enter the starting area, you will need your wristband. AIM for the Rainbow volunteers will give out the wristbands between 10:30am and 11:00am on the day, outside the Green Park underground station, not far from the starting area, so please meet us there first.

The Park Lane area does get crowded, but it is less crowded once you go through the barriers at the entry point into the fenced off parade holding area. During the parade is it far less crowded inside the fences than outside! Our parade entry point is shown on this map, (below) highlighted in green (right in front of the Hilton Park Lane):

Our parade position is Section B, Position 30. Our entry point is near the Hyde Park Corner end of Park Lane, outside the Hilton. Our arrival window at this entry point is between 11am and 11:30am. Personal mobility aids (for example wheelchairs, mobility scooters, trolleys, and walking frames) are permitted.

Please bring drinks and snacks, preferably in reusable containers (water bottle etc) to minimise litter. Once the parade starts, if you need to leave you can but you would not be allowed to re-enter. Protection from the elements, e.g. sun hats or raincoats. Expect to be within the fences for approximately three hours. The parade can get noisy (whistles, cheers, and amplified music), so please bring ear defenders for anybody who is sensitive to noise. You are responsible for bringing your own accessories, waving flags etc.

Places are limited (we have 75 wristbands), so if want to march with AIM, please email AIM for the Rainbow volunteer Charlie Hart with your name, along with the names of anybody you are bringing with you. Charlie has marched in the London Pride parade twice before, and they are happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

GDPR Personal Data Privacy Notice: We will list names and addresses to ensure we are giving our wristbands to all the right people on the day, so that we can all enter the starting area. Names and email addresses will be deleted after the event.


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