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No One Should Lose Their Life Seeking Mental Health Services

We at AIM are in full support of the seventy familes who have needlessly lost their loved ones due to the failings of Essex Mental Health.

Many of these people were neurodivergent, they were from all walks of life, all ages and from all cultures.

ALL did not deserve to die, ALL were not properly supported and ALL were fatally disregarded and abused by the very services that were meant to help them.

There is blood on the hands of Essex Mental Health, let’s hold them accountable!

Please sign the attached petition, if you can attend the peaceful protest outside Downing Street this coming Wednesday from 1-3pm, even if just for 10 minutes, pop by show and your face and hold a sign, we will be there.

Show that WE, the neurodivergent community will not stand for this!

Petition here, please sign and share, tag family and friends, lets lift those numbers!:

Protest link here:

Four of the failed people here, trigger for descriptions of death and abuse:

Thank you,

The AIM Directors.


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