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Official Statement about Debarking an Autistic Teen

Both Fierce Autistics and Allies and Autistic Inclusive Meets USA condemn the optional surgery to DEBARK an autistic teen. This is an optional surgery altering the vocal cords so the child is unable to scream. The mother even says,”He still have a full voice and still makes noises like people with autism do, but we can handle him at a restaurant or in public now.” His mother claimed her son would scream over 1000 times a day. If this were true, he would be screaming one time every minute and the cause of his distress needs to be investigated! This was not the first attempt to silence the child. He was given botox first, which is a toxin. They had to stop because the child was aspirating (breathing in ) liquids. Both FAA and AIM USA do operate on the notion that behavior is communication. The parents were putting their needs and desires before the feelings of their child. If they would investigate and find the reason he was screaming or showing signs of distress, the screaming would stop. Instead of mutilating the autistic child to suite the parents needs, try finding out why the child is distressed and support the child. Debarking is a veterinary surgery that is frowned down upon in the veterinary community. The American Humane Society strongly discourages debarking in dogs. The dog would still attempt to bark and they would make a hoarse, raspy sound that can be heard. This causes very unnecessary anxiety and mental health issues in the dog. Imagine what this would do to a human child. The NYU doctor, Arthur Caplan, will claim that this surgery is different than debarking but the science does not lie. Do not mutilate your child to suite your needs. They did not have the choice to be brought into the world, you made that choice for them. Support your child to be the happiest and best child they can be.


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