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Online protest to hold CAMHS to account

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Please respond to this Facebook event to make it easier to co-ordinate

We will be holding an online protest of CAMHS. We will mostly be focusing on Twitter/X, but posting anywhere on social media will be helpful!

Post and reshare content with the hashtags #CAMHSinCrisis and #CAMHSDontCareIfAutisticKidsDie

We need this to go viral, so starting at 7pm (BST) on Friday 26th April, help us out by making as much noise about CAMHS failures as you can online.


I want to address the particularly strong worded hashtag in this campaign.

Yes, it's uncomfortable to hear. I am aware that many CAMHS staff have good intentions. Despite this, anyone who has read my articles on the subject in the last 18 months will know that issues within CAMHS run far deeper that funding and resources.

CAMHS as an institution has been deeply harmful, and I hope for that reason you can separate the people from the institution. The argument that CAMHS staff care is the same argument used when people say some police officers are good. It doesn't change the systemic issues within the institution.

So yes, it is a very strongly worded hashtag. There is even an alternative hashtag for people who really can't handle using the other one. But I assure you we will not change the system with pleasantries and politeness. Activism is painful, and I can introduce you to many families who know all too well how real the sentiment in that hashtag is.

Please join us on Friday. Help us make a world where hashtags like this are not needed. One where all children and young people have equitable to support during a very vulnerable time in their life.

Thank you for your support.


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