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Royal Greenwich Equality and Equity Charter Signing

Great to meet Adel Khaireh, Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities, and Matt Morrow, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, today when we signed the Royal Greenwich Equality and Equity Charter. It was a privilege for us to be a part of it.

As an organisation we will:

  1. actively promote equality

  2. work with partners and the community to make our information, services and products more accessible and inclusive

  3. put equal opportunity at the heart of our recruitment, employee development and service delivery

  4. continually review the diversity of our workforce and ensure it’s representative of our local community across all levels

  5. address all allegations of discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation

  6. promote good relations between people from different backgrounds

  7. share good equality practice with our partners

  8. measure and share our progress and success


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