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#ShowUsYourMeds 2022

We at AIM are launching campaign part 2 of #ShowUsYourMeds to normalise medication.

With all that’s being going on in the world, more and more of us are requiring prescribed regulated medically and scientifically proven medication.

‘When people hear Depression, chronic pain conditions and anxiety, they immediatley tell you to do yoga and go out and get excercise and we are ALL for that, but there’s also nothing wrong with taking prescribed medication. So…

#ShowUsYourMeds Remove the stigma.’ If you want to take part dont worry, the event is on until 14/1/2022.

Prescribed scientifically proven meds only no pseudoscience eg crystals, oils, miracle diets or Homeopathy. Our campaign was very effective last time, check out the #ShowUsYourMeds to see our last two events.

Medication stigma and overcoming the shame of societies blame


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