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Stop Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services Denying Support For Autistic Kids

Over 135,000 have signed so far.

My name is Emma Dalmayne, I am a mother of 6, five of whom are autistic. I have started this petition to demand that Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) provide support for autistic children with mental health issues. My son was turned away despite being suicidal, because CAHMS doesn’t recognise mental health issues in autistic children.

When my son was referred to CAHMS, the right service for him as he was dealing with mental health issues, they instead suggested he be referred to a safeguarding service or a children with disabilities service. Neither of these services specialise in mental health. No access to therapists, psychiatrists or psychologists, no one to prescribe medication or appropriate therapy. It is impossible for my son to access the help he needs, because he is autistic.

I am not alone. I am part of an organisation called Autistic Inclusive Meets, an autistic led organisation based in Woolwich, SE London.

We have now lost count of the amount of parents of autistic children that have come to us with complaints of CAHMS denying their children any type of support due to the fact they are autistic. It is a well known fact that being autistic in our world, which is built for non autistic people, can cause depression and anxiety due to a lack of inclusion.

To deny treatment to children with mental health issues because they are autistic is discrimination. Suicidal, self harming autistic children are being left to suffer. It is dangerous. It is senseless.

We are demanding that CAHMS stop discriminating against mentally ill autistic children and teens. We are demanding they offer treatment and help instead of leaving vulnerable kids to suffer long term trauma. 

Please sign and share this petition to help make sure autistic children with mental health issues can access the support they desperately need. 


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