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The Golden Boy at Clapham Picturehouse

Yesterday me and Peckham Park went to see ‘The Golden Boy’ premiere in Clapham Picturehouse.

The little lead actor is autistic himself, his name is Taylor-Jai Horsley, his dad is autistic hip hop star Jay Rock from the group Big Brother, we met little Taylor and his mum Shenise who was quite rightly bursting with pride for her little son.

As a Black autistic I can honestly say this film is groundbreaking. It shows the need for more education regarding autism and the stigma in the Black community towards disability.

It shows the journey of a loving family as they accept that that not only is the little character Michael autistic, they rejoice in it. Michael’s sister Lizzy is played by the Bridgerton actor Gabrielle Oke.

The compassion this little film conveys towards the autistic community shines through from the title alone.

At one point the teacher of Michael’s class hands a leaflet to Lizzy and tells her that “These people can help you.” Later at the end of the film you see the mum of both Lizzy and Michael played by actror Chloè Okora pull out the leaflet and call the number on it. It was a lovely surprise to see that it was our Autistic Inclusive Meets Monday group leaflet!

I thank the film writer and director Lizzy Peace for bringing out The Golden Boy, for the use of identity first language and the promotion of acceptance throughout the film. Lizzy made this film in honour of her younger autistic sibling Michael, a teen we have had the pleasure of meeting at our social groups.

See it the first chance you get!




As the end of school year assembly approaches, six-year-old Michael elicits the help of his sister to prove his support needs can’t stop potential.

An emotional act of familial love inspired by true events. Slick Films is proud to announce the upcoming release of “The Golden Boy”, a heartwarming short film written and directed by Elizabeth Peace. Drawing upon her own personal experiences, Peace crafts a poignant story that explores a journey of self-discovery and the transformative power of faith, set against the backdrop of a young boy and his family.

As a writer and director, Elizabeth Peace brings her personal experiences to the forefront, infusing “The Golden Boy” with authenticity and emotional depth. Peace’s intimate understanding of being both a sibling and a carer adds a powerful layer of resonance to the film, offering viewers a glimpse into the sacrifices made. She writes, “I spent a great deal of time as a primary caregiver and every new day brought with it a different set of challenges. That said, this film is more than just showing the reality of tending to a neurodivergent child, but a love letter to those in a similar situation. The work of understanding never stops, autism doesn’t ‘happen’ to a person, nor does it go away, it is part of one’s being and should be celebrated as is.”

Early in its development, Slick Films became interested in the story and its message to shine a light on autism. They subsequently came on board as Executives shortly after meeting Elizabeth and have acted as guiding mentors for her debut.

The film is on a heartfelt mission to shatter preconceived notions about autism and the challenges that occur out of a diagnosis. Newcomer, Taylor-Jai Horsely, immediately seized our casting team’s attention as a captivating young boy on his own neurodivergent journey who could bring the film to new heights. Joining the cast, Gabrielle Oke (as Lizzy) hot off the Netflix showstopper Bridgerton, and from the award-winning short film, Hush, Chloé Okora (as Mum). The entire cast and crew came together to create this story with the same unwavering belief and unyielding love to embrace the beauty that lies within.

Seasoned short film producer Earleatha shares, “We are thrilled to present ‘The Golden Boy’ to audiences worldwide”. Elizabeth Peace’s exceptional storytelling and her dedication to shedding light on important themes make this film a truly captivating and inspiring experience. “We believe it will touch the hearts of viewers and open up meaningful conversations about inclusion, acceptance, and the limitless potential within each of us.”

Chris Overton is an Academy Award® winning director and the founder of Slick Films. Overton made his directorial debut with THE SILENT CHILD, for which he also received the Academy Award®. Through his company Slick Films, Chris advocates first time filmmakers in bringing their stories to life.

Rachel Shenton is an Academy Award® winning writer, producer, and actress currently starring in hit show All Creatures Great and Small for PBS Masterpiece and Channel 5 in the UK.

Rebecca Harris


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