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The PBS protest

We are protesting BILD – The British Institute of Learning Disabilities Conference in Glasgow at the Doubletree Hilton on the 12th of October, the protest will start at 10am and end at 6pm.

This is a three day international conference promoting Positive Behavioural Support (PBS), at which a new UK definition of PBS will be launched: PBS (a rebrand of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)) uses underhand tactics, unsubstantiated claims and ignores the evidence against it with no interest about how behaviourist interventions harms.

PBS is commonly used on autistic people and people with a learning disability of all ages, some are as young as 1. The ABA PBS practitioner will analyse the disabled person by their unwanted behaviours and then, after guessing at the function of their behaviour, uses rewards and punishments to get them to respond differently.

This includes futile attempts to get the disabled person to communicate their stress/flight/fight responses differently, misrepresenting these as purposeful/wilful. These methods are outdated and reductionist and value compliance over autonomy, human rights and free will.

Autistic and other disabled people who are distressed and needing proper alternative therapeutic help and trusted relationships are subjected to PBS without consent. The field of ABA PBS have never cared to understand PBS harms and disabled communities are being ignored when they speak out.

PBS is not evidence based and goes against human rights. Critique of PBS by Dr. Damian Milton. Dehumanisation: British Institute of Human Rights noted in Behaviour Support plans that “undignified and inhumane care, in hospital and care settings where people were seen not as individuals but as a condition or a collection of negative behaviours”

The independent living movement in US resolve at all forms of ABA are inherently abusive. Please bring banners and placards, this will be a peaceful protest, see you there!

Collectively, a group of Autistic academics, activists, and advocates have written an open statement of concern regarding @Spectrum_10K and urge you to read and sign. #ActuallyAutistic #StopSpectrum10K #BoycottSpectrum10k


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