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Visit with Madam Tussauds

We at Autistic Inclusive Meets were delighted to accept an invitation from Madam Tussauds for an autistic friendly visit. Six of our families, all of which have autistic family members of varying ages from child to adult attended an after hours session with no other members of the public present.

This made it much easier for them as many of our attendees struggle with anxiety, and find crowds difficult to navigate. The music was lowered which made it less sensory invasive and tolerable, our attendees were visibly relaxed walking around and enjoying the exhibits. It was great too see the familes socialising together while out accessing such a popular attraction which would usually be inaccessible too them due to it’s notoriety.

The staff were friendly and very inclusive, for example one of the younger attendees panicked when faced with King Kong, they and their parent were swiftly shown down a quiet stairway and were able to view the exhibit from another entrance. The exhibits themselves are stunning, eerily real. Everyone throughly enjoyed studying the detail of them and of course taking a photo next to their favourite person without feeling rushed.

The Marvel exhibit was brilliant and we all loved the Star Wars figures. Can’t go wrong with a light sabre can you? We thank you Madam Tussauds for a wonderful visit, tasty popcorn and brilliant staff!


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