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We are proud to support the Essex familes campaign for a full statutory public enquiry into the fata

We are proud to support the Essex familes campaign for a full statutory public enquiry into the fatal failings by Essex Mental Health.

AIM Director’s Emma Dalmayne and Jenny Payne attended a protest on the 7th of July outside Downing Street, London and met the familes of Matthew Leahy, Tillie- Ann King, Chris Notas and many more all fatally failed by the services meant to protect them.

Emma’s speech read out on the day on behalf of AIM:

‘We at Autistic Inclusive Meets are in full support of the familes and survivours that have been brutalised by Essex Mental Health services.

We came here today after hearing the families stories, hearing about their loved ones, sons, daughter’s, brothers, sisters, parents….. ALL dead.

All dead due to being let down, abandoned, traumatised, forcefully drugged, raped, assaulted… all the fault of Essex Mental Health services.

Young and old, all races, all cultures, all walks of life have died on psychiatric wards here in the UK.

Many of these people were neurodivergent .

These people sought help for their mental health and trusted these services to support them, to get them through trauma, to help them with depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues.

Their familes believed they would be safe, that they would be helped on the road to recovery…. instead they were given the worst news anyone could ever hear.

Essex Mental Health has blood on their hands!

The familes here demand a statutory public enquiry into the mental health care provided by Essex Mental Health Services.

So many lives lost, so many failed.

Nadine Dorries do your due diligence and give these people what they are asking for!

To the familes and survivours, we stand with you, we offer our condolesces and our assurances that we will continue to support you .

Thamk you.’

Please follow Justice for Matthew Leahy failed by the State on Facebook for more information .


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