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Windrush Workshop with Bespoken Theatre Company

We were lucky enough to have been paid a visit by Bespoken Theatre for a workshop on the generation of The Windrush at our Thursday group last week.

It was a brilliant comprehensive look at the history of the Caribbean people who were invited over to Britain to help rebuild the country after it was devastated by World War 2. They arrived on the ship HMT Empire Windrush to a country cold and unwelcoming after the warm islands they had left behind.

The racism they suffered was unforgivable, and we were glad to see it was shown in the workshop. It was an eye opener for some of our younger attendees who hadn’t learnt about racism and discrimination before.

We also learnt that Britain began deporting those who had come over with Windrush, and heard the devastating effect this had on families who had lived and made their lives here only to be rejected and sent back to the islands they had come from decades before.

We enjoyed the arts and crafts that were provided by Bespoken, and the fruits they brought for us to sample: they were delicious!

Thank you so much Bespoken, we loved having you!

Find out more about The Windrush here:



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