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Litter pickup

Today parents, kids and teens from our social groups did a litter pick up. We were a bit late taking part in The Great British Spring Clean but we did amazingly well. We chose a local green area behind a tower block in Plumstead, The Oaks.

We all enjoyed it, though it was a shame to see insects like snails, slugs, spiders, worms, beetles and woodlice making their homes on sacks, old takeaway containers and crisp packets. We even found a bluebell that had managed to grow straight through a thick piece of plastic. 🐌🕷🪲🪳

We cleared as much as we could, while the bird songs over our heads kept us company. Squirrels scampered about and watched us from the tree branches above.

It certainly showed us the resilience of our local wildlife, and taught the kids about recycling, putting things into bins when out and about and the importance of a cleaner living environment while working well as a team.

The families took their litter picker sticks home to do their local roads and parks.

I’d say it was a succseful afternoon, well done to all of our attendees and thank you so much for coming out! 🚮 Photos by Owen Liddle.


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